Eric C. Root, B.S., SMS, LMP
Susan Root, BFA, RNC

"End of and Era"

Our mission at the Pacific Northwest Soft Tissue Clinic was to advance both the art and science of soft tissue manual therapy to address unique issues that limit function, performance or cause pain or dysfunction in the human body. We believe we accomplished that mission by researching, discovering, and developing a completely new system that explains how the human body compensates, universally winds up the fascial matrix in a three dimensional vector space throughout all tissues (neural, vascular, organs, muscuskeletal, and fascial). We clinically researched methods of analyzing and reading the tissues of the body that went beyond all existing methods used by a variety of modalites in the medical and alternative professions. We demonstrated that soft tissue manual therapy requires addressing all tissues of the body and not treatment can ignore or artifically divide systems of the body into components. The soft tissue matrix is one, complete, integrated, indivisible, connected system. It is self-aware, universally comminicating with all parts and tissues of the human body, compensating as necessary to protect the body from further injury or trauma. The three dimensional vectors that make up the matrix penetrate and connect to all others, ignoring all conventional divisions as perceived by the medical system and community today. It is self-adjusting.

Our new understanding of the integration of the whole three dimendional matrix system allowed us to accomplish healing and reconfiguration of the human body that have not been previously available in any other modality of treatment that exists out there at present. Our research and discoveries also debunked most, if not all, of the existing theories and practices of soft tissue manual therapy, structural integration, and fascial treatment, including the most widely accepted and widely practiced theories and modalities. Our practice uniquely integrated objective methods of working and manipulating the lines of restrictions throughout the body, from head to toe. Each tissue has its own unique signature, texture, characteristics, and means of release.

We are proud to have advanced soft tissue treatment and analysis to this level and we are sad to have to close our practice at this time. My health does not allow me to continue to offer treatment to our patients any longer.

Because our methods and discoveries have advanced the science and treatment of soft tissue beyond existing methods available, we have been approached by our clients and other practitioners to document, train, and teach this new science. Unfortunately, at this time, my health does not allow me to provide that opportunity to others at this time. This may change in the future. It is unknown at this time.

We profusely thank all of our clients that we have treated in over a decade of research and advancement, for the opportunity to work on their bodies, share their pain and healing, and enter that sacred space that practitioner and patient share. It has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of my life. My wife and partner in this venture shares the same with each of you. We leave this practice with both joy and sadness. It has been a great journey.